Under fire, and the height of the storm, Minister Lipkin Shahak and Dan Meridor, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, came inside the office of the decision-maker. This was in the month of October 2000, the difficult month in which the Intifada broke out, and the peace cabinet who sought to negotiate with Arafat while under fire was about to enter. "Amnon my dear, sit", prime minister Ehud Barak greeted him with a warm welcome, a smile and a wink.  But the decision maker's mind was somewhere completely different: a minute earlier he was still proofreading a complaint that will start-up a new investigation by the state comptroller. And those under investigation: the two men sitting in front of him, the chairman, and "Dear Amnon".

You want to ask me for a small favor? It's quite a big one, said Martin Shlaf to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. His cell phone was hanging between his ear and his shoulder, since his hands were preoccupied in stroking a strange contraption that seemed like a torturing device used during the inquisition. Just don't call me next time, continued Shlaf peacefully, when you get another bite from the "Scorpion".  

Shalf hung up the phone and focused on the thing he had flirted with during the call: Red and silvery device weighing 70Kg (about 140 lb.), with a height of 77 cm, a large pulley and blades. Shlaf was excited like a little boy - That's my Berkel he said. This baby is from 1907, and it's good as new. Only 84 of them were produced worldwide. I bought it for the same price as one of your apartments here in Tel-aviv, and flew it over from across the planet in a private jet. Jeez, till I found one of those, and now it's mine. So eat up - and enjoy yourselves.

I was coming back from Rothschild Boulevard at 2am accompanied by Rani Blair. We stopped by the activist's tent of Eretz Hadasha (New country) that was set up there. We came to say thank you, but we actually prayed for a hug. And we needed it desperately. Rani, that directed in his life just over 5,000 minutes of television dramas, that touched the deepest parts of people's soul and never really left them - "Shabatot Vehagim" (Saturdays and holidays), "Parashat Hashavua", "Noah's Ark", "Strike" and many more - was trying to direct yet another scene on his way to Rothschild Blvd. Hold on a moment, he told  the taxi to pull over, we have to give them hope. The deal is done. It's tight-closed. We got a bit over one mandate, but it's over. The night is long, but we're out. Everybody ran to Yair Lapid's party. We don't want to sound like Shimon Peres at this moment. There's no seaman who've voted for us and there's no point in waiting for the soldier's votes. That's it.